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Get Professional Breastsfeeding Help Now

As a lactation consultant and registered nurse, I’ve helped thousands of mothers and babies with breastfeeding challenges.  Options for breastfeeding support are listed below.

To schedule a consultation, email me and I will respond.

At this time, I do not file insurance.  Payment is at time of service.  If that changes, I will post it here.

If you need assistance finding a lactation consultant in your area, visit ILCA to search the directory.

*Strict client-consultant confidentiality is maintained. When you schedule your consultation, you will be asked to complete a brief history and problem form. The results of each lactation consultation can be faxed to both your doctor and your baby’s doctor to provide for continuity of care.

Lactation Virtual Visit via Skype

1 Hour

Virtual consultation via Skype is a great way to get the help you need without leaving home!  Get personalized targeted support to address your breastfeeding concerns.  A feeding observation is included, so be sure to feed your baby at least 2 hours prior to your virtual visit.

Telephone Consultation

20 minutes

A telephone consultation can be a great starting point for solving your breastfeeding challenges.

Lactation Home Visit Package

Initial Home Visit  Approximately 2 Hours

Follow-Up Home Visit 1 Hour

Follow-Up Phone Calls Included



Moms sometimes tell me they have difficulty reproducing the results achieved in the office once they return home.

A lactation visit in the privacy of your home allows me to evaluate you and your baby in a familiar, comfortable setting.
Challenges are more easily identified in a relaxed atmosphere, and results may be easier for you to reproduce. No traveling, no stress.

A home visit includes a feeding evaluation, so plan to feed your baby at least 2 hours before your visit begins.

Service provided within a 40-mile radius